Some people think I got lucky...
Others think I had it all handed to me...
Here's Where I Share The Real Deal Story With You
I've Been An Entrepreneur Since I Was 8 Years Old.
I mean if you count selling friendship bracelets on the bus and playground at school just to make some cash that could help pay for what I wanted so I didn't have to burden my family to support me.
Now that may not be the Marsha Gillen that you know about... but I started out on a farm in the middle fo nowhere Illinois where we weren't taught "you can become anything you want in life".
Like most working class, blue collar families in America... My parents were hard workers, who never made excuses, and were always willing to help anyone in need, and they gave me the same work ethic and values.
I grew up lower middle class...
Which in case you don't realize, growing up lower middle class in the midwest...

Is the exact opposite of this amazing time and age we live in now where we're free and have the technology to completely change our entire way of life.

Now you may not be able to tell...
... Just by looking at this baby picture of me here...

But the way I was raised has a lot to do with the wealth and success I've created today.

As a matter of fact, it's taught me that successful and wealthy people have 3 things in common - regardless of where they came from...

And it's these 3 characteristics that are crucial to building real wealth and freedom
 Accountability: You always need to be willing to accept ownership of your life, the good and the bad...whether it's your fault or not.
 Self-Awareness: You have to be willing to admit what you suck at as well as give credit to what you're really great at.
 Desire: You have to be willing to always grow and improve while always getting back up and moving forward... even after you've failed the time before.
Like Eric Thomas (a massive influence of mine) says...
"When you want success as bad as you want to breathe... then you'll be successful"
Long before I ever unlocked the secrets to generating wealth and living a freedom lifestyle by creating an online coaching business...
I had made dozens of mistakes in my lifetime. From being addicted to drugs an alcohol, to dropping out of college 5 different times, to even trying to kill myself when I was in my 20's.

And long before I ever became an entrepreneur...

I had worked every type of crapy low paying job you can imagine...

- Farm Hand
- Retail
- Banking
- Plastic Bucket Factory
- Home care For The Autistic 
- Lawn care
- Walmart Distribution Center
- Stripping vehicles (still not sure this was a legal job)
- Bartender
- Waiter
- Laborer
- Manager
- Call Centers
- Sales Jobs

And more I cant even recall!
I've also started many different businesses... that all crashed and failed miserably!

Like my first business, The Bar Marshal, where I was an event Bartender for hire.

Or my personal training business I ran...

Or the 4 MLM's I joined and couldn't make work for me...

Or drop shipping...

Or Amazon FBA...

Or Flipping things...

All until I finally got into the online coaching business. Which was my first "real taste" of the online world and making serious money in the industry.

And looking back at it all now... I wouldn't change a single thing!
I discovered how to Turn My Mess Into My Message... which has now led me to inspiring thousands of people world wide, saving countless lives from wanting to hurt themselves, generating more wealth than I ever dreamed I'd earn, traveling the world doing what I love the most, and helping give others the same freedom and feeling I worked so relentlessly to find. Anyone who knows me knows ONE thing to be true above all else... more than anything, I just truly want everyone to win and feel loved.
Every man and women deserves the freedom to do what they love most and make money doing what they’re best at.

As a matter of fact, I’ve helped thousands of people accomplish both of those things in short amounts of time.

I also wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that God or the Universe or the Creator (or whatever it is that YOU relate to) gives exactly what we need, at the exact right time... the good and the bad.

Which is why I believe that you are reading these words right now for a very specific reason. You and I have been led to each other through some sort of shared energy that has now connected us for the betterment of this world.

Because RIGHT NOW, you're about to discover the single greatest tool for building wealth in the world...

The same thing that's made me multiple six figures in just 2 years...

What's made my private clients well over a combined $1.5M over that same time...

And has allowed me to live my absolute dream lifestyle of hosting retreats in amazing mansions while traveling the world...
Making a lot of money...
And helping a lot of people!
Now Pay Attention...
Because There Are Only 3 Ways To Do This...
3 Ingredients People Need To Build Wealth & Freedom.
 CLARITY: Most people are well aware of what they don't want in life... But when you ask them what they do want, they have absolutely no idea. You MUST create crystal clarity in what you want out of life.
 CONFIDENCE: Because we all have childhood traumas and limitations put on us, as adults we usually lack the kind of confidence it requires to live an extraordinary life. But once you get crystal clear on what you want, you'll start to become more confident in the actions you're taking. That creates momentum and when energy is in motion... it's hard to stop!
 CERTAINTY: The last and most important ingredient is certainty. You can't just merely "think" and "hope" what you want out of life will come to you. You have to believe it as vehemently as you believe the sky is blue and water is wet. Creating clarity and confidence in your life leads to one thing... certainty.
In 2019... $11.6B Personal Development Coaching Industry Continues To Boom! "
... To Wealth, Freedom, and Ultimate Fulfillment In Life, Business and Relationships.

Which is in 2016 why I got into the Personal Development and Coaching space.

Now unlike the way most people usually look at personal development and the coaching industry...

My approaches, methods and strategies have made me and my students wealthier from personal development and coaching... when most people are usually losing money in the wrong coaches and programs.
And as a result of my "track-record" and formula for success...
"Will you teach me your tips and strategies to creating the ultimate wealth and freedom lifestyle?"
 Health: You're only as good as the energy you can produce. Taking care of your overall health should be the top priority of every human being.
 Finances: Money isn't everything... but it sure makes life a lot more fun and a whole lot easier.
 Relationships: The quality of life is determined by the quality of your relationships/
 Lifestyle: Everyone deserves to live a lifestyle that makes them say HELL YES every morning!
 Spirituality: The #1 "secret" to manifesting anything you want in this life is to be fully in touch and in tune with your inner being and you Creator.
 Humanity: Life isn't about how much you get, it's about how much you give because like Tony Robbins says, "Giving is Living"
Which is exactly why...

After years of transforming people...

And thousands of messages later...
I'm Giving You The Inside Scoop From My Experience & Point Of View On How To Get Unstuck & Live Your Dream Life.
Imagine Having Access To Me...
 Bi-Weekly Calls: You'll have a LIVE coaching call with me
 Unlimited Texting: You'll have direct access to me 24/7 to help you
 Instant Answers: You'll instantly get my life and business advice
If this sounds like something you want...
Then I'm excited to share with you...
My proven step-by-step blueprint for building wealth and freedom through personal development and online coaching, even if you’re starting with no experience, network, or limited funds. 

Every step of my program is laid out in an easy-to-follow training system that eliminates any confusion, guesswork or overwhelm as you effortlessly start to build your dream life and succeed like a you were meant to. 

Over 250+ personal development and business mastery lessons, all delivered in HD video and broken down into a short, step-by-step process for you to easily follow so you know exactly what to do in order - like following a recipe.

Plus, as you progress through Gillen University, I’ll be your personal coach and mentor every step of the way making this truly priceless for you.

Because I’ll be answering your questions LIVE on video every week, giving you the guidance needed to shorten your learning curve and accelerate your success, fast! 

You can join now, or continue to read and learn more about this priceless opportunity, that has the potential to change your life.
Gillen University   regular tuition $50,000
250+ Personal Development & Business Mastery Trainings
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Student & Alumni Networking Community
Bi-Weekly Private Q&A Calls Included
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Here is what you will get and more...
Access to Gillen University
 250+ Personal Development & Business Mastery Lessons
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 Exclusive Marshal Gillen LIVE Content
 Private Weekly Q&A Sessions With Marshal Gillen
 Private Monthly Training Calls From Global Thought Leaders
 Student Pricing On Products, Services, & Events
Who Is This For?
Gillen University Membership is for people who want to find purpose, re-shape their life, and be able to breakthrough any limitations currently holding you back, and create the quality of life you desire.
Gillen University Membership is for people who want to improve their health, find financial freedom, and strengthen their relationships in every area.
Gillen University Membership is for people who want to create impact-driven income that allows them to live the ultimate freedom lifestyle while finding fulfillment in how they spend their time and energy. 
Today's Universities are doing nothing more than "building workers" for the job force, while keeping them drowned in debt for the rest of their lives. There is no freedom or wealth creation skills taught in college or university today that translates to making real money and impact in a digitally driven world - until now.
What's Inside Gillen University?
The Ultimate Mindset & Psychology Program For Entrepreneurship (25+ Lessons & Adding)
Retail: $1297
The #1 Transformation Program: Designed To Eliminate Negative Patterns & Limiting Beliefs (5 Lessons & Adding)
Retail: $497
Discover The Importance Of Stories & How To Find Yours (20+ Videos & Adding)
Retail: $4997
Learn How To Show Up As A Leader In Everything That You Do (10+ Videos & Adding)
Retail: $997
Social Media Is A Medium For Business. Learn How To Use It (25+ Videos & Adding)
Retail: $997
The Storytelling Workshop Of ALL Storytelling Workshop (3+ Hours of Tactical Training)
Retail: $497
How To Start A "For-Purpose-Business"
Retail: Priceless
Learn The Top 10 Ways To Get Paid From Stage (1 hr workshop)
Retail: $97
How To Make $10K+ Using Organic Marketing
Retail: $997
Gillen University regular tuition $50,000
250+ Personal Development & Business Mastery Trainings
GU Alum Included
Student & Alumni Networking Community
Bi-Weekly Private Q&A Calls Included
With Marshal Gillen
Monthly Millionaire Mentor Calls Included
With Marshal Gillen & Global Thought Leaders
Exclusive LIVE Content Included
Unreleased LIVE Trainings & Coaching Sessions
Student Pricing Included
Exclusive Student Pricing On Products, Services, & Events
Certification Programs Included
For Each Tier Of New Income You Hit
I'm So Sure You'll Absolutely LOVE GU...
That I'm Going To Give You a FREE Coaching Call To Prove It! ($1,000 value)
§ 1.162-5 Expenses for education allows you to deduct this from your taxes
How Long Will I Have Access To GU?
You have access for however long you continue to choose to invest in yourself, your business, and your families future. If you feel like month to month is best, then start there. But it was thought leaders like Oprah and Tony that dared to dream bigger than month-to-month and made the kind of commitments that were as big as their visions. You have that same choice now be choosing to become an annual member of GU and be part of a family and community who is also in it for the long haul.
Where Is The University Located?
Gillen University is 100% Online. Which means it is easily accessible at your convenience from a desktop, mobile, or even tablet device. Education, in the palm of your hand, and all on-demand. Meeting you where you're at.
How Do I Know If This Will Work For Me?
Gillen University is the same exact formulas and strategies that Marshal used to go from broke bartender with no experience to multi 6 figure earner and the same that helped his clients, who were just like you, make over a combined $1M. This works for anyone who's 100% dedicated to transforming their life. This is simple but it is not easy and requires hard work, sacrifice, and consistency. You get out what you put in.
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